It was given, yet neglected

Each and every day I scroll down the latest news to enlighten myself of what is happening in this world. As years by I taught myself never to be angry or upset about what is said about us as Palestinians, instead I would write about what I think and what is true to nullify those absurd allegations. I believed that writing and speaking loud would always drive attention to you and respect, never believed in violence due to my strong ideology that violence would only give birth to violence rather than suppressing it.

Lately, Saudi women gained the right to drive cars and that topic went viral on all social media, some were supportive and happy saying that this is the beginning of a new era in Saudi Arabia. But with that, many women came out of their silence and started to talk about how they were suppressed and thought million times to flee the kingdom. Some of them managed while others were captured and kept in jail for simply seeking their freedom. All the social network went insane about all this, arguments go on and on seemed to me that it won’t stop. In the middle of all that chaos I was scrolling down and up reading various comments from here and there and one question comes to my head “ who made us reach this level of suppression and deviation from the rights that our religion gave women?”

In Europe, women suffered from unfair rules that’s why they protested to gain all the rights which the society was ignorant enough to deprive them of. If we look closely to our Islam it truly gave women all the privileges that they seek, but with their blind compliance, they lost them all. Women had all the right to share their opinion when it comes to the state affairs, our dear prophet consulted his wives when he had a confusing matter. She had the right to get a full education, had all the right to choose whether to work or stay home and in both cases, her guardian, (father or husband) is obliged to provide her with allowance. She had all the right to choose her life partner without any forces from her family when she becomes a mother she is free to choose to breastfeed her child or not, and if she did her husband is obliged to give her the price of her breastfeeding of her child. In other words, she had it all, and of the sudden, her society came with its newfangled customs and began gradually to withdraw all these privileges. That society turned her from a symbol of pride to a symbol of disgrace and shame, from a human to a “thing” that can be owned and control. All that Islam rejected the ignorance of a deviated society has restored it and gave it to Islam.

It’s painful to call Islam a suppressive religion when I know what my religion stands for and what civilization it build. It gives me the chills to realize that all the neighboring Arab countries had chosen to mar Islam and it gets worse when the new generation out of the blue begins to question whether to remain Muslims or convert into another religion. As far as I can remember my parents always raised me on doing what’s right according to our religion not according to our customs. They never told me that you are financially responsible for yourself and we got nothing to do with that while I was in college, they supported me till I finished my studies and become a literate grown woman. They respected my choice and stood by me when I chose my life partner, blessed my marriage because they knew that he’d be a fit husband for me. I recall the day that I got engaged to my husband he told me that I will support you till the end in any choice you make. We had our ups and downs but most importantly we knew how to get out of it by following the exact rules of our true Islam.

As a woman, I stand against all those who use violence against females, all those who underestimate the power and wisdom of girls. Unfortunately, almost 75% of our Arab societies are male dominant and keep to suppress women and undermine them, when in reality women can achieve and invent a lot. They can achieve many different tasks and keep their full energy until the end. I stand against all those who disinherit their daughters only to maintain the heir and not let any foreigner take any part of it. I stand against all the women who disfigure our religion when they claim that Islam is the reason for their misery because Islam gave you many rights and with every right, there’s an obligation. Because you don’t want the obligation you lost the right, before being unfair to the founder of all the rules of the world judge your actions, thoughts, and speech. I’m confident that Islam has given it to us and we with our carelessness lost it all.

By hebahayek85

When there's hope, there's always an accomplishment. That's me, life has always put obstacles in my way and I'm still fighting to improve me

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